Brief Update

I moved to Atlanta about a week ago. I'm interning at an interior design firm down here for the summer and so far I'm loving it! It's been mostly work thus far though and I haven't had much of a chance to go exploring in the city, but no worries! I will make it there and will be posting lots of pictures very soon. The place I am currently living, however, sadly has no internet (and I think it's slowly killing meeee!!) so I will unfortunately not be posting as much as I would like. Keep checking back though! Lots of fun posts to come!

*I also plan to start using terms like "ya'll" and "buggy" (instead of shopping cart) and "THE Walmart" (instead of ...Walmart). Such southern charm!


The Dreaded Drop Crotch

I just am not understanding this trend. Pants that make you look humongo while at the same time announcing to the world that you are wearing an adult diaper (when really, you aren't. Or maybe you are?)???? Someone please explain this to me.


Great American Tower

A couple days ago the Great American Tower being built in downtown Cinci was finally "crowned".

I have to say I'm pretty excited to see some new construction going on over there. Especially since they haven't built a new skyscraper in, say, my lifetime (or at least as long as I can remember). The crown on top now makes it Cincinnati's tallest building as well as the city's first to have LEED Gold certification (yup they're finally catching up to the rest of the world) so that's pretty cool. As far as the exterior architecture goes, we're still farrrr on the conservative side. But hey, it's Cincinnati. I'll take what I can get.

The interior has a nice light and airy feel to it. Still, again, no big risks here but its simplistic modern design fits in nicely with the surrounding city. I have to say my favorite part (aside from the, what I'm sure will be, spectacular views of the stadiums as well as the Ohio river and Northern Kentucky) is that tiny orange chair shoved back in the corner in the right hand side of the rendering. I want more of that.


Biker Birkin

Lady Gaga decorated (or destroyed, depending on your personal taste) her Birkin with metal studs.

Now not only do I wish I could afford one, but I wish I had enough money to not think twice about putting metal studs through it. Thanks Gaga.

*Immediately after I posted this, I realized Lady Gaga has four hands and an extra ear. Oh wait, that's just a person hiding behind her.

entry 1

Where to begin? I feel as though I should have a mission statement prepared, however I'm not entirely sure what my "mission" (or purpose, rather) is for this blog. I'm an interior design student inspired daily by what I see and feel the need to share my inspiration with anyone who cares to be inspired.

A bit about me?
Occupation: Student and unpaid Intern (which essentially makes me a panhandler by night)
City: Cincinnati
State: My beloved bluegrass state (Confusing, I know. Get a map.)
Current Interests: design, art, fashion, music, cannonballs into the pool, not sleeping.