Atlanta Adventures: Part 2

I’m a bit behind on my blogging due to a general lack of internet access unless I’m in the vicinity of a Starbucks, but I’ll do my best to catch up.

This past weekend a group of friends took me to see a couple bands play at this place called The Drunken Unicorn. (The name itself was cool enough for me to be interested, needless to say) It’s a little hole in the wall underground concert/bar venue, the stage being about one and a half feet off the ground and the whole place is maybe 15 ft wide, max. Very intimate and undergroundy, and thankfully the Hipsterness was kept to a minimum. The two bands we saw were Today the Sun Tomorrow the Moon and Stokeswood. Both definitely worth checking out.  I think by the end of the night we all had girl crushes on TSTM’s lead singer and her cute bangs.  They actually reminded me a lot of Forget Cassettes from Nashville and Stokeswood.. well the pajama pants with  carefully placed stars sewn on them should speak for themselves.

Conveniently directly attached to The Drunken Unicorn is a dance club owned by the same people called MJQ’s. Obviously by the point in the night we migrate over there, I’m loving this place even more. The DJ was awesome. Lots of electronic and R&B type stuff. Breakdancers everywhere. Huge bar – service never being a problem. Migates that dance with you that have been on So You Think You Can Dance. Bunnies painted on the walls… Heaven. Actually the whole atmosphere reminded me a lot of Alchemize, that used to be in Cincinnati if anyone else can remember that far back (I remember being 16 sneaking into that place before it closed down in Over the Rhine. I was a brave little sole back then).

So if you’re in the Atlanta area looking for a local favorite for a fun night on the town, this is definitely the place to be.


8am & Looking Fly (8LF)

I've decided to attempt a new series dedicated to those of us that have problems getting dressed in the morning. Mainly, this is a little motivation to work on this problem myself. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button at least five times before you actually wake up for work, waiting to turn on the light until you have to put on your makeup and it's absolutely necessary, and then proceed to run over the garbage can sitting on the curb outside as you're backing out of the driveway most mornings, then this is for you (gee, that sounds familiar...).

The key to any successful outfit is always simplicity with nice details. At 7:30 in the morning sometimes this is a bit hard to remember. Mostly I find myself throwing on whatever I grab first, but picking out something simple and classic with fresh accessories is always a good way to start when your brain isn't quite turned on yet.

Notice the bow detail, and the interesting bracelet design, and of course a little Gucci never hurts either! I tend to keep my color pallet fairly simple and understated as well and am concerned more with construction of the peice rather than it being super flashy.

On a completely different note, the day I wore this outfit, this is what we did at work:

 Bananas, Nutella, peanut butter, and marshmellows smushed between two tortillas and grilled on a quesadilla maker. Now that is good design.

Productive day at work, right?


Atlanta Adventures: Part 1


A.D.A.C = Atlanta Decorating Arts Center. AKA: Alexa, you are not in Oxford, Ohio anymore. In other words, I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. It's basically a huuuugggge mall with just about any brand of furniture, fabric, tile, omg-ness you can imagine in the interior design world. The best part? You get to go in and take samples of all the fabric! If only I could cover all the walls in my office with this stuff, it's that orgasmic. Just make for sure you watch out for that shoppers high, because it's inevitable.

My favorite showroom was by far Kravet, all though we only had time to go into four or five of the showrooms. Everything in there is way expensive, but hey it doesn't hurt to window shop, right? And a couple or hundred free fabric swatches are nice too.


Favorite new color-ways: dark purple, gray, brown. (Ok, not much of a shocker there, I've always had an intense love for the color purple. But it's been kind of neglected lately in the interior design world)
Also, yellowy-greens. or greeny-yellows. You the type you're not quite sure if you'd call it green or yellow. mmmmmmm....


Fall Trends to NOT try now, thank you very much.

I found this article posted here over at Refinery29 entitled "Fall Trends to Try Now". Now mind you, these are very cute trends that I totally plan on trying when it's not, say, 104 degrees outside. (I'm not exaggerating, it really was this hot the other day. And lucky me I was scheduled to do a model install that day.) But for right now, I think I'll pass.

Thigh-High Stockings

Problem #1: Let me just say again, IT'S 104 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Do I want to wear extra fabric around my legs with an other wise cool dress? No thanks. If I did wear these, they would be sliding half way down my leg the whole day with yellow sweat stains on them. Lovely.

Leather Minis

Problem #2: Do you know how people would look at me if I wore a LEATHER miniskirt tomorrow in Atlanta? They would think I was crazy. Or a stripper. I'll keep my leather in my fall wardrobe where it belongs.