Classics for Class

I KNOW. Everyone wants outfit shots. I love blogs with outfit shots just as much as the next person and I'M SORRY. I just feel weird taking mass amounts of pictures of my self, okay? Does anyone else think it's a little... awkward? Anyways, I won't let my phobia stop me from sharing with you some of my favorite outfits and styling. My InDesign skillz are way more advanced than my photogenic ones anyway.
I love how simple yet comfortable everything is. I had a teacher in high school that once said that if she bothers to look presentable for us everyday then she expects her students to look presentable for her. I'll admit I have worn sweatpants to the occasional 8am class but I try not to make a habit of it. It's a proven fact, people judge based on appearances.

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  1. Addicted to MK watches!Yum!Yah I'm with you on the whole photo taking side to blogging!x