Dress to Impress.. on an unemployed budget.

We had our career fair this past Friday, and with no job lined up for after graduation this was a pretty big deal for me. I know this is an issue a lot of people are dealing with right now whether you are graduating this year or have been layed off, so I thought it would be fitting to do a Dress To Impress segment with a poor college kid's budget. Eat all the Ramen Noodles you have to, just don't look like you do!


It's simple but still says HEY I DESIGN SHIT AND AM AWESOME while still looking like they can take you seriously. Red is always a good color to catch someone's attention and say hey look at me! but the tan tones it down enough for office wear. (I think I also subconsciously picked red because it's Cincinnati Red's opening day tomorrow. Hollaaaa!) Also note: don't wear the shoes you wear out to a job interview. Thats just dumb. You will look like a hooker and you're feet will be miserable because you're not drunk to block out the pain (or you shouldn't be anyways..). Go for a low conservative heal or flats.

Recreated with a Ramen-Noodle budget:

Done. Winning. Hired.

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