I'm Loving > > Fluorescent for Fall

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest (pssst.. follow me!) know that I sort of have a pinning obsession. Pinterest is a great tool for giving you a visual representation of the trends you're drawn too, even if you haven't consciously realized it yet! I logged on today to discover that in the past couple weeks I've pinned tonnns of fashion and design in bright, pulsing, fluorescent colors. It's a far cry from the typical deep jewel tone colors usually seen for fall, but I just love the unexpected!

Shirt with Contrast Placket Detail > ASOS > $53.91

Purl Knit Sweater > Zara > $59.90

Marc Jacobs Colorblock Tote > Neiman Marcus > $1795

So Go! Be bold and brighten up your Fall.

P.S. I totally bought that MJ tote. Okaaay not really... that's like what I make in a month. DesignLife=PoorLife. #sadstory.

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